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Savio Designs: Web Development for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Entrepeneurs!
Web Design & Development for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Entrepeneurs!

Speed Sites by Savio Designs

If you are in a rush or just need a simple site up at a budget friendly price, then a Speed Site might be your best option!

What is a Speed Site?

Speed Sites by Savio DesignsA Speed Site is a site we create for you using an online website builder/template tool. The benefit of this is that we can create a site pretty quickly. The downside is that there are limits on what we can do as we won't be doing anything directly on the code level for your site. This is the only type of site that we use online web builder tools for - all other sites we code from the ground up in Dreamweaver. The sad reality is that more and more "web designers" use these online website builders and pass them off as normal hand-coded sites to their client. We want to be 100% transparent with what we are using and what you would be getting!

Will my site still look good/run well?

Speed Sites by Savio DesignsOf course! We wouldn't offer it if it doesn't. It will just lack a bit of the personal touch that a hand coded site offers. For many people, due to budget reasons, or time restraints, this is a great option!

Do I "own" the design/site?

With our Speed Site Program, the design remains hosted on the Website tool builder servers. As is typical with these types of sites, you wouldn't be able to move the site away from its server, therefore you wouldn't own the site in the sense that you could move it somewhere else. Still, the content is considered your intellectual property.

How Much is a Speed Site?

A basic Speed Site up to 5 pages costs $199 for the design and $20/month for continued hosting. If you want us to update the content, then it would be an additonal $15/month for up to 4 content updates per month (no rollovers).

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