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What Task List Manager can control my chaos?
Third Party Services Recommendations  |  Fri - May 7, 2021 8:51 pm  |  Article Hits:982  |  A+ | a-

Life is busy! There are constantly a myriad of to-do's to remember, projects that need to be tracked, and tasks to plan and schedule.

Luckily, there are many apps and programs to assist with all of this! While there is a ton of competition in this space (and we have tried a ton of options), we have really been impressed by an app called Chaos Control. It is clean, sleek, simple to use, yet has the features you need.

You can easily create folders for different areas of your life (Work, Personal, etc.), and fill those folders with different projects and tasks. Your Chaos Control Account can easily sync with all of your devices and the web and it makes it easy and satisfying to both add tasks and ""click complete""! It also syncs with Google Calendar and others so you can schedule specific tasks on certain days.

It also has handy ""Chaos Box"" that you can put to-do's in on the go and then easily organize them later - great for those middle of the night epiphanies!

If you are looking for a clean, very reasonably priced, and neat way to organize and get control of the day to day chaos of life, give Chaos Control a try!

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